The Peak Difference

Whether you, your family or loved one is in need of individual therapy, psychological testing, or daily structured outpatient treatment, Peak will custom tailor an individualized therapeutic curriculum. We offer an in-depth assessment with one of our licensed mental health professionals to identify the most comprehensive course of care indicated to best support you. While most programs offer a “one size fits all” structure, we believe clinical services should match the needs of our clients. This is achieved through a highly collaborative and specialized plan of clinical care. A plan created specifically for you and your family.

In addition to a fully licensed staff and specialized programming, we at Peak believe strongly in recruiting social and relational support networks. This is most commonly our immediate family of origin but may be friends, colleagues, recovery communities or extended family. One of the ways we do this is with the seamless integration of mentoring services to help foster and amplify clinical goals. Many cultures have realized that through the collective “we”, the individual heals. There is no community more important in reparative work than those around us who foster feelings of value and worth. As such, we make regular use of this support and incorporate these meaningful members in each clinical program.

Peak offers an extremely unique environment in Santa Monica surrounded by parks, soccer fields, and beautiful landscaping. We are nestled in a quiet corner of the sprawling SM airport space where a short walk will lead you to the observation deck with a front row seat to the runway. All of this sits just outside the front door to our warm and inviting suite. Ours space is designed to cultivate relaxation and a sense of reprieve so that you may be fully immersed in your healing journey.

Wrap around Mentorship:

Bridging the gap between real world application and clinical work can be overwhelming at times. Our mentors support the fusion of what we are learning about ourselves and actionable steps to better solidify these changes. Peak has created a custom-tailored mentor service directly informed and guided by therapeutic goals which operates in tandem with our clinical team. With specific prescriptions of themes such as ‘seeking joy’, ‘developing agency’, and ‘breaking unwanted patterns’ our mentors help to identify the road to change outside of therapy and walk the initial steps of life’s new trajectory together.

Individualized Treatment:

Whereas most treatment offers a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Peak offers a personalized clinical plan for your family. Our professionals will work strategically with your family to maximize the impact of treatment while being mindful of therapeutic fatigue.

Physiologically Oriented Treatment Approaches:

Peak offers a robust level of expertise in treating heightened activation in the nervous system. Almost every form of behavioral dysfunction has an inextricable relationship to physiological dysregulation. The work to reestablish a resting or regulated state in our body is very nuanced and requires a high degree of education and skill. Our team possesses decades of post-licensure training focused on supporting autonomic nervous system regulation.